Zine News and Updates

On October 6th, Catherine Elms announced that Spill the Zines: A UK Zine Review Blog, was being put on “long term hiatus”. Published regularly for more than 3 and a half years, Catherine will still be active on social media posting relevant info on the UK zine scene. Read her full statement here.

Only a few weeks later, DJ Frederick announced that he would be putting the One Minute Zine Reviews Blog on indefinite hiatus to focus on his reviewing duties with Xerography Debt and Cuneiform. Read his post here. Sad to see them go but grateful for their always stellar reviews. Goodnight sweet blogs, and flights of anarchists sing thee to thy rest.

On a more positive front, longtime zinester Joe Wallace announced a new meta-zine is in the works: The Zine News, which will review both print and online publications. To have your zine reviewed send to: or Joe Wallace 1200 W. 35th #185 Chicago Il 60609.

Alex Wrekk’s Stolen Sharpie Revolution 5th edition is coming soon. The kickstarter goal was surpassed and the book should be out in the near future. Check here for updates.

In early December Zineswap announced their next swap date would be January 27 2015. Established in 2008, Zineswap “is a service that allows you to swap your zines through the post. You send them your zines, and they send you a random selection of other zines in return”.

And finally, is working on a zine catalog and is looking for zine makers and readers to fill out an online survey. 

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