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Zine Reviews by AmeliaPeel

The Reverse Cougar Years #5.5  Break(ing)
This half issue describes the realization that some bad things that happen to you, may be the result of something bigger. The back story of a few injuries and a major one that made the writer, Maxx; question their karma, something they never believed in!  A meet up at a coffee shop with an old friend that results in suffering a bone fracture and the experience of being in the hospital yet again. Sharing the experiences of the stay, the pain and the recovery that made them wonder what they ever did to deserve this sort of trauma and that we are more prone to accidents if our mental health is not in the best state. To take this experience and attempt to further themselves and make it more of a positive and eye opening experience than just another injury.

Zine Makers, Zine Lovers by e.war
This half size zine complies interviews with seven different zine writers explaining what got them inspired, their chosen methods of creating, why zines are important to them as well as how it contributes to the art community and other questions. Cut and paste style with text on busy backgrounds. I only wish there was more information on the zines that each of interviewees have written.

Paranoize #35
Based out of New Orleans, Paranoize zine covers any music that is “loud and noisy”! Focusing on the New Orleans underground  scene, Paranoize showcases local bands and events as well as lengthy interviews with other metal/thrash/punk bands. #35 has interviews with Kyle Thomas, Evil Army, Mule Skinner and more. There are also descriptive music and zine review that were really taken into consideration. Nicely written and a lay out that you can tell time was taken to put together!

Purple Myrtle Squeegy – A PMS Perzine #8
A zine coming all the way from Jerusalem, Isreal: Purple Myrtle Squeegy – a PMS perzine,  takes you through the trials and tribulations of a trip to Germany to the Wacken Festival in 2014 and then to Berlin. The writer and her boyfriend’s extreme love for metal and the bands in the lineup that year showed extreme determination and enthusiasm to be there by buying tickets an entire year in advance! With candid colored pictures scattered throughout with captions, the zine paints a short and sweet explanation of each of day’s festivities, the experience of going to see their favorite bands and the overall festival as a whole.  Winding down in Berlin, they visit a handful of memorable attractions to “satisfy our inner freak” as well as some bars, museums and a friend. There is also informative instructions, with drawings, on the “the Art of Headbanging”!  and

Ameliapeel is an artist, writer and musician who has been recognized for her “unique style” of drawing. She uses many different types of mediums to express herself through her art, photography, mixed media and sculptures to name a few. In the early 90s she wrote a handful of zines most notably “An Emotional Biscuit” and “I’m not Naturally Evil” as well as recorded and released three cds under the solo project Ethelscull. These days she records music under the name Saint Felony and is currently considering getting back in to zine writing.

Ameliapeelart on Facebook :
Saint Felony on Soundcloud:
Twitter: @bludmittens

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