Zine Fests

Spring 2016 Zine Fest Listings

January 9: St. Pete Zine Fest (Florida)

January 31: Weirdo Zine Fest (London, UK)

February 14: Festival of Photocopier Zine Fair (Melbourne, Australia)

February 20: Denton Zine Fest (Texas)

February 21: Teen Zine Fest (California)

February 23: Ottawa Zine Off! (Ontario)

February 27: Santa Cruz Zine Fest (California)

February 27:  ArtSpace Book & Zine Fair (Peterborough, Ontario)

February 28: NYC Feminist Zinefest (NYC)

March 5-6: STAPLE Indie Media Expo (Austin, Texas)

March 6: LA Zine Fest

March 9-10: OCAD Zine Fair (Toronto)

March 12: Omaha Zine Fest (Nebraska)

April 8-12: Kazoo! Zine & Comic Expo (Guelph, Ontario)

April 9-10: Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (New York State)

April 10: CPP Zine Fest (California)

April 16: Zine Machine Fest (North Carolina)

April 17: 924 Gilman Zine Fest (Berkeley, CA)

April 22-24: Fanzineist Festival (Istanbul)

April 23: Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

April 24: Long Beach Zine Fest  (California)

April 23-24: Marseille International Fanzine Fest (France)

April 29-30: Chicago Zine Fest

April 30: Miami Zine Fair (Florida)

May 1: Glasgow Zine Fest (Scotland)

May 1: Asheville Zine Fest (North Carolina)

May 14: Chattanooga Zine Fest (Tennessee)

May 14: Hamilton Zinefest (New Zealand)

May 28: Ottawa Zine Fair (Ontario)

June 11-12: CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)


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