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Zine Reviews by Samantha Lapierre

The Nizhoni Beat: Native American Feminist Musings Vol. 1
Perzine, 44 pages

After an accidental long hiatus of zine reading, reading The Nizhoni Beat: Native American Feminist Musings Vol. 1 reminded me of why I love zines so much. These writers and their experiences are, quite simply, brave. This zine is collaborative project based out of Arizona and Oregon, sharing rousing and haunting stories of travel, decolonization, Indigenous feminism, queerness, racism, protests and poetry. Beautifully written and curated.

Tongueswell #3 / Dig Deep #7
Split zine, 20 pages
Tongueswell #3
For me, it is easy to say that the stories of love, loss and frustration told in Tongueswell hit pretty close to home. Written from the perspective of a barista, Tongueswell’s stories are relatable and personal. After reading, I found myself completely enamored by both the writing style and the writer’s voice.

Dig Deep #7
Dig Deep is a great companion to Tongueswell (and vice versa). Dig Deep tells the story of a new distance runner’s successes and frustrations (along with topics of bodies, empowering friendships, fear and street harassment). This zine contains striking prose and truth be told, I really, really would love to be the author’s jogging partner.

Gay Losers #2
Fiction zine, 30 pages
Gay Losers, in a word (or two), is absolutely sweet. A realistic love story between two characters Fran and Sid, Gay Losers tackles trans issues and new relationship anxiety jitters. It is extremely sincere and incredibly honest. A wonderful read.

Mixed media zine, 36 pages
Lust is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. One part of the zine focuses on a complicated queer story of childhood love (or, perhaps, lust) and sexuality. The other half features beautiful portraits of people, places and things. Lust is poetic, fantastical and heartbreaking, yet still feels very genuine and bare.

Samantha is a writer and feminist heartthrob from Ottawa, ON. You can check out her own zine series here and tweet her @samanthamarg

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