Summer 2016 Zine Fest Listings

June 10-19: Spread Zinefest (Netherlands)

Gelati Fanzine Festival (Italy)

June 11: Scranton Zine Fest (Pennsylvania)

Atlanta Zine Fest (Georgia)

Edmonton Zine Fair (Alberta)

La Historia del Fanzine y La Publicación Independiente (Columbia)

June 11-12: MCA Zine Fair (Australia)

Zine & Self Published Photo Book Fair (New York)

¡Relámpago! (Feria de Fanzines) (Peru)

June 12: Colorado Springs Comic & Zine Fest 

June 16-19: Toronto Art Book Fair

June 17-18: Dente – Feira Fe Publicações (Brazil)

June 18: Northwest Zinefest (UK)

Fanzinema Fest (Ecuador)

Game Over – Round 2 (Feria De Fanzines, Poesia y Libros) (Mexico)

June 18-19: Tin Roof Zine Fair (UK)

June 23-28: Zine Pavilion at ALA (Florida)

June 24-25: Peckham Platform Zine Fair (UK)

June 25: Denver Zine Fest (Colorado)

ZineMelt (California)

June 25-26: Zinphony (Japan)

June 26: Fort Worth Zine Fest (Texas)

New England – Made Comic & Zine Fair (Boston)

June 30: Encuentro de Fanzines y Editoriales Independientes (Mexico)

July 1-3: Tijuana Border Zine Fest (Mexico)

July 9: Betty Zine Fest (New Jersey)

Gluestick Fest (Indiana)

Small Press Day (UK)

July 9-10: Portland Zine Symposium (Oregon)

July 16: Grand Rapids Zine Fest (Michigan)

Alt Press Fest (Salt Lake City)

July 23: DC Zinefest (Washington DC)

Rip It Up + Start Again Zine Fair (UK)

Tijuana Zine Fest (Mexico)

July 24: Auckland Zinefest (New Zealand)

OC Zine Fest (California)

July 29: Memphis Zine Fest (Tennessee)

July 29-30: Zine Librarian (un)Conference (Boston)

Charleston Zine Fest (North Carolina)

July 30: Pete’s Mini Zine Fest (New York)

Tampa Zine Fest (Florida)

August 13: Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (Lexington)

Kenosha Zine Fest (Wisconsin)

August 20: Zine Dream (Toronto)

Roach Social Zinefest (Iowa)

Johnson City Zine Fest (Tennessee)

Aug 20-21: Zine & Indie Comic Symposium (Australia)

August 26-27: Bound: Art Book & Zine Fair (Cleveland)

August 27: Bandung Zine Fest (Indonesia)

August 28: Philly Zine Fest (Pennsylvania)

September 4: San Francisco Zine Fest (California)

Dallas Zine Party (Texas)

September 9-11: Cultures Maison (Belgium)

September 10: Leeds Zine Fair  (UK)

KC Zine Con (Missouri)

September 24: Twin Cities Zine Fest (Minnesota)

September 24-25: Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo 

September 30: Richmond Zinefest (Virginia)

September 30-October 1: Handmade & Bound Nashville (Tennessee)

October 1: Bristol Comic & Zine Fair (UK)

Olympia Zine Fest (Washington)

October 8: ABQ Zine Fest (Albuquerque)

Tulsa Zine Fest (Oklahoma)

Oct 8-9: Alternative Press Expo (California)

October 14-15: St. Louis Small Press Expo (Missouri)

October 15: Toronto Queer Zine Fair (Toronto)

Lincoln Zine Fest (UK)

October 22-23: Zine Camp Rotterdam (Netherlands)

October 23: Phoenix Zine Fest (Arizona)

October 29-30: Zine Day Osaka (Japan)

Some of these listing were found on the Fanzine FB page. Stolen Sharpie Revolution is another great place to find zine fests and other zine related events listings.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire says:

    Heads up! July 16th, the Alt-Press Fest in Salt Lake City Utah, celebrating zines and all forms of alternative press. At the City Library downtown- which hosts the largest independent zine collection of any traditional library in the U.S.


  2. kidxhuddy says:

    Just a heads up! Daddy Kool Records is throwing it’s first ever Daddy Kool Zine Fest in downtown St.Petersburg, FL on Saturday October 22nd.


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