Interview with LA Zine Fest Organizer Daisy Noemi


Do you recall the first zine you ever saw, or read?
Stolen Sharpie Revolution — isn’t a zine but a zine resource! I also remember buying a Zine Yearbook!

What or who served as early inspiration for your interest in zines and DIY publishing?
I was introduced to zines and DIY Publishing by a local crew in San Diego. I think it was Yeller Studios at the time. After that, I went to an event Grrrl Zines A Go-Go was hosting somewhere in North County San Diego.

How did you first become involved with LA Zine Fest?
I first met the L.A. Zine Fest organizers at an event held at Craft & Folk Art Museum. It was a zine workshop and it was where I found out about the first LAZF event. I signed up to their email list for exhibitor information, which then led to me exhibiting the first three years and ultimately being an organizer for the 4th and 5th year. During my exhibitor years at LAZF I also volunteered a lot and essentially fell in love with the zine community.

Along with the Portland Zine Symposium and Chicago Zine Fest, LA Zine Fest is the fair we hear the most about. Organizing an event of such scale must be a challenging undertaking. Can you briefly walk us through the whole organization process?
I don’t think we realized the growth of LAZF until this 5th year! That being said, the organizing process is a lot. Ha! We have to anticipate the ever changing needs of the zine community and any challenges we might across, which isn’t always easy and is a lot of work. There are countless hours, meetings and conversations! We all love it though. We do it for you. ❤

Do you have any advice for someone who wanted to organize their own zine fair or small press event in their community?
Be patient, be kind, be true! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s okay! We are in it together forever & always.

What are some of your favourite zine events to attend, and cities to visit?
I love Chicago Zine Fest. I haven’t been able to attend the last couple of years and it’s seriously bumming me out.

What are some of your favourite current zine reads?
Any Doris zine & also Tony Hoang’s zines are the best. For reals.

Any other zine projects you are working on that you’d like to mention?
I’m working a risograph photo zine with Tiny Splendor. SO PUMPED!

Daisy Noemi lives and works as a photographer and illustrator in Los Angeles. She has a love & passion for film photography, zines, watercolors, cats & cake. She is a maker of all things and often gets stuck in a case of wanderlust. Not to worry, she captures it all on film. You can see more of her work here

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