Zine Fests

UPDATED Spring Zine Fest Listings

February 12: Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair (Melbourne, Australia)

San Jose ZineCon (San Jose, California)

February 18: Nørrebronx Tegneseriedage (Copenhagen, Denmark)

February 25: Destiny City Valentine’s Zine Symposium (Tacoma, Washington)

Sheffield Zine Fest (UK)

Artspace Book & Zine Fest (Peterborough, Canada)

February 25-26: Zine Day Taiwan (Taiwan)

March 4: Guayaquil Fanzine Fest (Ecuador)

March 5: NYC Feminist ZineFest (New York City)

Fair Play Zine Fair (Brighton, UK)

March 11: Omaha Zine Fest (Nebraska)

March 12: Grrrl Zine Fair (Hackney, UK)

March 19: Power Plant Records Zine Fest (California)

March 22-23: OCADU Zine Fair (Toronto)

March 25: Fort Worth Zine Fest (Texas)

In Print Zine Fair (Norwich)

Hobart Small Press Zine Fair (Tasmania, Australia)

March 31: Reykjavik Zine and Print Fair (Iceland)

Zine World (London, UK)

April 5-9: Kazoo! Zine & Comic Expo (Guelph, Ontario)

April 8: Grid Zine Fest (Salt Lake City)

Durham Zine Fest (North Carolina)

April 8-9: Zine Happening III (Belgium)

April 14: Kutztown Zine Fest (Pennsylvania)

April 16: Newark Zine Fest (Delaware)

April 21-23: Zine Fest of Istanbul (Turkey)

April 22: Zinefest Brno (Czech Republic)

April 27: UO Zine Fest (Oregon)

April 27-29: UE’ Fest (Italy)

April 29: Fluke Mini-Comics & Zine Fest (Georgia)

Edmonton Zine Fair (Edmonton, Alberta)

April 29-30: Glasgow Zine Fest (Scotland)

May 1: Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt (Hungary)

International Fanzin Fest (Turkey)

May 5-6: Chicago Zine Fest (Illinois)

May 6: Queer Zinefest Berlin (Germany)

May 7: Asheville Zine Fest (North Carolina)

May 11: Zine Nite (Los Angeles, California)

May 13: Chattanooga Zine Fest (Tennessee)

Hamilton Zinefest (New Zealand)

Scribblecon 2017 Comics & Zine Fair (UK)

May 14: DIY Cultures (UK)

May 19-20: Gutter Fest (Barcelona)

May 20: Quiet Hills Zine Festival (Japan)

Athens Zinefest (Greece)

May 21: MCA Zine Fair (Australia)

May 25: Strange Careers Zine Fair & Graphics Exhibition (Australia)

May 28: LA Zine Fest (Los Angeles, California)

Other Worlds Zine Fair (Australia)

Some of these listings were culled from this list, others were found via search engines and social media. Let us know about any upcoming zine fests/fairs so we can add them!

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