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March 2017 Zine Reviews

Doris #32
by Cindy Crabb
P.O. Box 29
Athens, OH, 45701

Doris is a beautiful little zine with a lot of heart and soul. One stand out piece is a story about (and conversation with) Marius Mason, a trans anarchist, environmental and animal rights activist who is currently serving 22 years in federal prison for property damage in defense of the planet. The piece urges folks to support Marius (and other political prisoners) through letter writing (you can find more information about Marius here.) Overall, Doris has some wonderful and reflective short stories, prose and interviews. A truly delightful zine.


The Paper Trail Diary’s Chain Letter Short Story Project
Issue One 2014-2015
edited by Jessica Lewis

From Ontario to Malta, to Northern Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Arkansas to Virginia, the first issue of the Paper Trial Diary’s is as whimsical as it is charming. A short story is passed from city to city through old-school chain letter writing, and each writer contributes something interesting, creative and spellbinding to the project. The page-turner even takes a mysterious murder-mystery twist, and every passage is accompanied by a drawing done by each author. An incredibly clever and imaginative project, this zine definitely encouraged me to write some chain mail letters of my own.


The Escapist Artist #39
Summer 2016
by Jolie Ruin

Number 39 of the Escapist Artist features stories written by the author about experiencing frustrating health issues and a friend’s suicide. The zine is peppered with some wonderful pinup-style tattoo illustrations that are drawn by the author’s husband, Jamie. This zine definitely reminded me why I love how intimate perzines can be. This issue especially felt like a peek into a dear friend’s diary.


Artificial Life in the Market Place
“Exhaustion” Issue #9
by Shelby Monita

Issue Number 9’s motto is Fuck Shit Up, and yeah, with a motto like that, it’s guaranteed to be pretty awesome. This issue features an interview with the rad Pleasant Gehman, a writer and musician from Los Angeles who detailed LA’s late 70s punk scene through zines. Gehman has had a colourful life and even more colourful stories to share. Gehman talks about famous pals, all-girl bands and sexism in the music industry, along with her personal progression from punk queen to belly dancer. Gehman fucked shit up and I really want to be her best friend.

This month’s zine reviews were written by Samantha LapierreSamantha is a writer and feminist heartthrob from Toronto, ON. You can check out her website here and tweet her @samanthamarg. 

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