Summer 2017 Zine Fest Listings

June 2: Zina Warrior Print Zine Fair (Australia)

June 2-4: BABZ Fair (New York)

June 3: Scranton Zine Fest (Pennsylvania)

Buffalo Zine Fair (New York)

Olympia Comics Festival (Washington)

Wellington Winter Zine Market (New Zealand)

Open Eye Gallery Zine & Photobook Fair (Liverpool)

June 3-4: Cebu Zine Fest (Philippines)

8 Ball Zine Fair (New York)

June 10: Charleston Zine Fest (South Carolina)

June 10-11: Cake Chicago (Illinois)

June 11: Lone Star Zine Fest (Texas)

June 15-18: Toronto Art Book Fair (Ontario)

June 17: Bay Area Queer Zine Fest (California)

Denver Zine Fest (Colorado)

Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

Queer/Trans Zinefest (Rhode Island)

June 17-18: Detroit Comix Party (Michigan)

June 24: Long Island City Pop Up Zine Fair & Swap (New York)

June 25: Hamilton Zineposium (Ontario, Canada)

July 1: Perlis Zine Fest (Malaysia)

July 5-9: Zinefest 4 (France)

July 8: Gluestick 2017 (Indianapolis)

Small Press Day (UK)

Pete’s Mini Zine Fest (New York)

Penang Zine Fest & Distro Day Out (Malaysia)

July 10-14: Zine Camp for Kids (Washington)

July 15: D.C. Zinefest (Washington, D.C.)

Weirdo Zine Fest (UK)

Street Cat Zine Fest (Ohio)

Tijuana Zine Fest (Mexico)

Tampa Zine Fest (Florida)

South London Comic & Zine Fair (UK)

July 22-23: Portland Zine Symposium (Oregon)

July 29: Oregon City Public Library Zine Fair (Oregon)

July 30: Greensboro Zine Fest (North Carolina)

Auckland Zinefest (New Zealand)

August 5: Kenosha Zine Fest (Wisconsin)

August 6: Long Beach Zine Fest (California)

August 12: Spe@k Small Press Expo (Illinois)

Catarina Comix Festival (Brazil)

Aug 18-20: Zine & Indie Comic Symposium (Australia)

August 19: OC Zine Fest (California)

Lehigh Valley Zine Fest (Pennsylvania)

August 20: Zine Dream (Toronto)

Zine Mercado (Chicago)

August 21: New Zineland zine fest (Massachusetts)

August 26: Johnson City Zine Fest (Tennessee)

KC Zine Con (Missouri)

Tauranga Zinefest (New Zealand)

August 26-27: Iloilo Zine Fest (Phillipines)

September 2: Fresno Zine Fest (California)

September 3: San Francisco Zine Fest (California)

September 9: Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (Lexington)

Norfolk Zine Fest (Virginia)

September 10: Leeds Zine Fair (UK)

September 24: Pittsburgh Zine Fair (Pennsylvania)

September 30: Twin Cities Zine Fest (Minnesota)

October 7: Bristol Comic & Zine Fair (UK)

ABQ Zine Fest (New Mexico)

Zine There, Done That Zine Fair (Australia)

San Anto Zine Fest (Texas)

San Diego Zine Fest (California)

Betty Zine Fest (New Jersey)

October 13-15:  Olympia Zine Fest (Washington)

October 14: Spokane Zine Fest (Washington)

October 14-15: Rebel Rebel Fanzine Art & Culture Fair (France)

October 18-21: Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Festival (Nova Scotia)

October 21: Canzine (Toronto)

October 21-22: NY Queer Zine Fair (New York)

October 28: Lincoln Zine Fest (UK)

November 11: Zine Fest Houston (Texas)

November 12: Philly Zine Fest (Philadelphia)

 November 16-19: Chicago Art Book Fair 

Some of these listings were culled from this list, others were found via search engines and social media. Let us know about any upcoming zine fests/fairs so we can add them!

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