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Zines Are Our Therapy!

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We love zines and the small press. We’ve been reading and collecting zines for about eighteen years, and since we read so many already, we figured, why not just resurrect our meta-zine? We published our first issue in 2003, and then before printing our second issue the project was put on hiatus; ten years between issues, no big deal.

Although we’re primarily a zine review blog, we don’t think zines should be cast in competitive terms. That having been said, it’s difficult to avoid drawing some comparisons when reading so many. Love the popular titles, but one of the best aspects of the small press is its variety and diversity. Also, we’re not trying to be zine “experts” over here, or the arbiters of what’s good or what’s not; we’re reluctant critics at best. The primary end is to introduce avid zinesters to new titles.

We were first introduced to zines in the late 90s. A friend of ours from Switzerland gave us a worn copy of the Toronto zine, Infiltration. A few months later he lent us copies of Cometbus, Doris, Burn Collector and Stay As You Are, among a few others, and we were hooked. At that time there was a punk collective/zine store in Kensington Market called Who’s Emma, where there was always a rabble of zines to be had. The media’s sport flirting with zine culture had ended, Factsheet 5 was shutting down, but it was replaced by a host of memorable meta-zines and blogs: The Free Press Death Ship, Amusing Yourself to Death, Zine World, Broken Pencil, Xerography Debt, Paniscus Revue, Zine Thug. It was a great time for the independent press, and it still is, the platforms and delivery devices may have changed, but whether it’s etsy, tumblr, blogs or even the proliferation of zine festivals, zines are here to stay!